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  • [High quality style] Whether you're going sporty or casually chic, this black ball cap from Stancenation is the perfect accessory. With the classic fit and high quality style, it will quickly become part of your go-to look.
  • [Custom car looks] This Stancentaion black ball cap not only shows your proud support of the low car movement, you can show it of at low car shows and lets the world know who the baddest detailer on the block is!
  • [A great gift] As part of our range of car enthusiast gifts for men, this is a very popular Japanese car accessory gift for a husband, brother, car guys and of course, any car mod enthusiasts!
  • [Functional] The Stancenation black ball cap features a style that blocks tons of sunlight when you are at a car show. These car enthusiast gifts for men have a flexible inner sweatband that fits on your head, a perfectly fit for a car mod enthusiast!

What is STANCE?

In the world of custom cars, there is a strong bond between the United States and Japan. There is also a high degree of mutual interest and respect for each country's culture and taste when it comes to car mods and car culture.

Car customization has 'trends,' just like any other fashion. Trends born in both Japan and the US come and go, and some endure, like the lowrider car, muscle car, American hot rod, and Japanese drift car. These trends have entered the public consciousness in no small part due to popular culture, including movies like the Fast and the Furious movies, Initial D anime, and games centered around the world of street racing and car mods.

Throughout the long history of car customization, attention has been focused on mods that emphasize the 'form' and 'attitude' of the car itself, regardless of the type of car or current fashions. Around 2009, the word 'STANCE' was coined to describe methods of customization that have their roots in low cars and drift cars.

The Birth of STANCENATION In March 2010, shortly after the word 'Stance' started to be used in relation to custom cars, California resident and car enthusiast Elvis Skender started a personal blog. "In the blog, Skender shared pictures and wrote articles about car that he thought were particularly cool. The blog was called 'STANCENATION.'

It has now expanded across the internet and social media, and become a place where car enthusiasts, street racers, car drifting fans and car modders from all over the world can gather to find and share inspiration for custom cars. STANCENATION now also offers an exciting range of Japanese car accessories, car enthusiast gifts for men, and classic car gifts.